After bidding my farewells to Ola the Elephant (aka Colonel Hati) I realised it was still early and I had plenty of time before my Balinese cooking class later on. It’s only midday, I thought, what to do next? The lovely Ayu back at Nirwa Homestay had mentioned wandering through the rice paddy fields at […]

It was an early start with a breakfast for champions, courtesy of Ayu. Green banana pancakes, a bowl of fruit, complete with tea and mango juice. My stomach was happy. I decided to go to Taro Elephant Safari Park. Made kindly drove me the half hour trip to the park through an abundance of rice […]

Ayu had suggested paying the monkeys a visit. ‘Have you been to the Sacred Monkey Forest?’ she asked me. Ahhh have to go there, I thought. They’re not just monkeys, they’re sacred monkeys. (Yes, my thoughts are like Marks and Spencers adverts.) After waking up from my cat nap, I decided to make my way […]

Around two years ago now, I went on my first ever solo trip to the alluring island of Bali, for a four day getaway from the fast life in Jakarta. I found this post stashed away, collecting cobwebs and mothballs in the labyrinth of documents I keep on my laptop and thought I’d take it […]

Hello, you intrepid person, you!   Who else would it be? It’s me Saira, the traveling habitual pleasure-seeker writer of GoGo Gadabout. This is a quick post to say a big, massive, King Kong-like THANK YOU to my dear fellow blogger Raroto of Duniyaku for being sosososo kind and nominating me for the Very Inspiring […]

You can read Cap Go Meh part I here and part II here. *Warning: If you are of a squeamish disposition, please think carefully before scrolling down as there are a few graphic images and descriptions of self-mutilation. I apologise for any discomfort caused.   ‘Do you want to have a go?’ the man asked […]

You can read Part I of Cap Go Meh here. His eyes rolled back in his head and he shut his eyelids tight. Tentatively and shaking slightly, he fumbled along the wooden planks of his blade-throne and made his way down onto the ground. His eyes still closed and his arms spread out wide before […]