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Welcome to the Jungle : Palangkaraya, Kalimantan

The little wooden hornbill at the mast of our boat held his head aloft, wisely and knowingly guiding us in the right direction with his bright, banana yellow beak. A tangled, dense forest full of clicks, squeaks, howls and chatter towered around us from all sides. The water below us snaked through the wilderness, weaving […]

The Macet (Traffic) Song : Jakarta

A question that my students never fail to ask me is ‘what do you think about Jakarta?’ I know the place gets ripped a lot, but my genuine real answer is: I like it. The food is delicious, the weather means I never have to wear a coat, the people are warm and friendly and […]

Flashback – Life on the 32nd Floor: Jakarta

I’ve now been in living in Jakarta for around two years and six months. Here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ I wrote after my first five months into the move in 2012… It was 11.47 am – and I needed to be present at work in precisely thirteen minutes. Where are my keys… where are my […]

Falling into a Rice Paddy: Ubud, Bali

I returned to my homestay after an exhilarating afternoon of jungle river rafting. As it does precisely everyday in Indonesia, the clock chimed 7pm and the sun began it’s glowing, blushing descent down below the horizon. A still, lazy evening drew in and the crickets hiding amongst the rice fields began to chirp their evensong. […]

Jungle Rafting: Ubud, Bali

It was my third morning in Ubud, and I realised that the novelty of waking up in the midst of tranquil green rice paddies and a shining sun would never wear off. I made my way down to the eating area where the lovely Ayu served breakfast. Whilst I tucked into another helping of her […]

Pretending to be Chefs: Ubud, Bali

My activity for the rest of the day after my traipse through the rice fields? A traditional Balinese cooking lesson. And for the RP 300,000 (approx £15) it cost, it was worth every penny. I was picked up from my homestay by a tall, smiley man dressed in traditional Balinese clothing; he wore a black […]

A Break in the Rice Fields: Ubud, Bali

After bidding my farewells to Ola the Elephant (aka Colonel Hati) I realised it was still early and I had plenty of time before my Balinese cooking class later on. It’s only midday, I thought, what to do next? The lovely Ayu back at Nirwa Homestay had mentioned wandering through the rice paddy fields at […]