One Hundred and Nineteen Thank You’s and More



Hello, you intrepid person, you.

I’ve been keeping up Go Go Gadabout for around four or five months now – it’s the first blog I’ve actually been keen in maintaining – and so far I have remained pretty dedicated in doing so (fingers and toes crossed it continues!) What I did not expect was the such lovely and encouraging feedback, comments and follows I have received from all of you. I know there are far more successful blogs than mine, and that the number of people who read this is miniscule compared to many others, but I am truly thankful to each and every one of you who taken some time out of your lives to have a look or read of my little old blog. Writing and traveling are my two most favourite things to do, and so hearing from you all encourages me to do more and brings a smile on my crazy insane face.
I was also nominated recently by the lovely Sha at Life To My Fullest for the Liebster Award, and I thank her profusely for the very kind nomination. I am a bit rubbish with these sorts of things and I know there are rules that are meant to be followed, but instead I shall just note a few blogs that I read and inspire me to write and travel more.
Life to MyFullest – beautiful photos, whimsical observations and stories, I always love reading up on her recent escapades.

In Transit – dreamy imagery and wonderful writing, I sometimes get happily lost in her stories.

Looking Through Two Ize – A vivid, bright and bold blog full of non stop adventure.

Fraulein Wanderlust – Going to corners of the earth more unknown, it makes me keep adding places to my bucket list!

Vagabond Urges – acute observations and most of all extremely abosrbing writing, his stories never cease to cause intrigue.

Charlie Et La Vie – stunning, stunning photography.

Travels with Bethany – a fellow resident of Indonesia, her writing is wonderfully descriptive and vivid, and her stories always adventurous and off the beaten track.

I hope you all enjoy reading them,whiling away hours looking at their photos and daydreaming as much I do!
One final thing, as a weird way of saying thank you, below is a video made for Alt J’s song Taro. An enchanting song, full of spectacular scenery and enigmatic faces, for any of you that have any hint wanderlust burning inside of you, I am pretty sure you’ll enjoy it.
So to all of you reading this; shukran, merci, danke schon, gracias, terima kasih, and thank you again for reading and following.

From the traveling, habitual pleasure-seeker,







  1. How many readers to you typically get a day?

  2. looking forward to reading more stories from you…:)

  3. I have enjoyed your updates! A very good read. I hope to see more in the future. My current blog was the first one to survive too! I had tons that was simply forgotten.

    1. Thank you so much! I always look forward to your updates too, especially as it broadens my knowledge of Indonesia! :)

  4. Your posts are pretty interesting. Keep up the good work .

    1. Cheers Sougat818!

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