Beaches and Silhouettes: Ujung Genteng, S.W. Java

After the swimming in the mighty falls of Curug Cikaso, we returned to our bungalow, changed clothes and after a little while of energy recuperation, our ojek drivers arrived and we jumped on to ride to our next destination. An ojek is basically a motorcycle taxi that you can find pretty much all over Indonesia. Often the more precarious option when riding through congestion capital Jakarta, but most definitely the quicker – riding via ojek was the more suitable mode of transport to tackle the sandy, rugged roads of Ujung Genteng. Albeit as our faithful Black Mutant deserved to rest his wheels after all the trekking he had done the night prior. My ojek driver was a cute little guy called Agung, and as most Indonesians have this amazing trait of looking a whole lot younger than they actually are (I’m guessing that the Fountain of Youth is around this country somewhere, probably in Flores no doubt), I presumed he was probably more like around twenty years old. Turns out he was only sixteen. Am I the only one in thinking that people so young shouldn’t exist? Purely for the lone fact that they make me ridiculously envious? Saying this, and yes I may be biased, but after observing his agile ojekking skills – swiftly manoeuvring around dips in the road and innately knowing the best way to get round a slimy muddy patch, I concluded that he was definitely the best ojek driver of the lot.


little Agung

little Agung


It was now minutes from sunset, and we zoomed along the sandy paths parallel to the sea, rebelliously raising our arms aeroplane styleee, so we could feel the cool breeze skim past our skin. The sea was a now a bright blue and the sun was hanging big and low in the blushing sky. Our first stop was a long stretch of beach that I hadn’t seen anything like before. The waves were crashing far in the distance as the beach had formed a sort of naturally made barrier against them. The sea up until the barrier was serenely still, and was patterned with sea plants and small rocks that created small pools. Tiny, lustrous fish swam and darted around in the shallows. We stood further out and standing upon a barrier between the sea and a small tide pool, and after taking a few joyous snaps of ourselves, we quietly stood and watched the silhouettes of fearless surfers grappling with the waves, all set against a postcard perfect sunset.



DSC_0155 - Copy





*Tune in next time for a whole lotta turtles!


Go Go Go!

Where: Ujung Genteng, South West Java, Indonesia

Why: Deserted beaches, magnificent sunsets, turtles, waterfalls  and some crazy surfing.

How: The seven hour trek from Jakarta can only be made by car. Once in Ujung Genteng, the easiest way to get about is by motorcycle taxi (aka ojek) which can cost anywhere between 50,000Rp (£2.50) and 100,000 Rp (£5) depending on the distance.



  1. The silhouettes are amazing

    1. Muchos gracias!

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