Morning in Paradise: Ujung Genteng, S.W. Java

8am. After a treacherous seven hour journey, we had arrived in Java’s secret paradise, Ujung  Genteng. Aside from the whimsical clucking of a group rambling hens and the serene swoosh of the sea lapping the bay, the place was wonderfully quiet. Due to the early hour, we were told we needed to wait a little before our bungalow was ready for us. So, before we could collapse into a fatigue induced slumber, Samantha suggested we went and checked out the bay in front of our accommodation. Good idea.

No more than twenty steps away, we found the white sandy beach stretched out before us. The sea was calm and dotted with small narrow fishing boats tipsily swaying upon the gentle wave of the sea, as if they had drunken just the right amount of rum and coconut. The morning sun was bright and infused into the white sky. I stood where the sand met the sea and the cold water embraced my bare feet. I like this place already, I thought.



shell scavenging

shell scavenging


We walked along the beach, taking in the view. The beach’s surface held a treasure trove of washed up tide debris. Much like magpies, Samantha and myself tiptoed and scoured through the debris for any colourful, eye-catching shells and coral, and any other sea-gems we could find.

After a while we returned to our bungalow, which was now ready and waiting for us to drop off our stuff. Next on the agenda; food and sleep. We ordered an Indonesian breakfast of fried rice and to get into the seaside vibe of things, we ordered coconuts too. Palm trees, beach and the sea – why the flippety flip not?
As we waited on our raised porch for the staff to prepare our food, Samantha sat challenging her brain with Sudoku whilst Jack lay relaxed on a long wooden chair, strumming away songs on his guitar. I sat watching one of the staff nimbly climb right to the top of the giraffe like palm trees that populated the grounds of Pondok Adi. After a while (as I am an incredibly lazy creature) tiredness overcame me once more, and like I had done with my bag, I plonked myself on my bed for a nap, ready to recharge for the insane frolicking that was about to happen in a few hours…


coconut breakfast

coconut breakfast


Samantha and our beach cottage home

Samantha and our beach cottage home

coconut climbing

coconut climbing

* Tune in next time for gignatic waterfalls and some unabashed mermaid poses…


Go Go Go!

Where: Ujung Genteng, South West Java, Indonesia

Stay: We stayed at Pondok Adi, costing 160,000 Rp a night (approx £8). Cottages on stilts with cosy wooden bedrooms, western toilet and traditional bucket and well style shower and wonderful fresh seafood for dinner. There are other more modern types of accomodation about – many aren’t available on the usual hotel booking sites, but it’s very easy to arrange upon arrival.


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  1. Beautiful photographs !

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